Best Bottle Capper for Homebrew (With Every Style & Budget)

Most new homebrewers choose to bottle their homebrew because it is a simple and low-cost way to condition and store their beer but without the right tool it can be a chore!

The best bottle capper for bottling homebrew is the Ferrari Super Agata bench capper because it is durable, easy to use, includes a magnetic bell to hold the caps, and can be used with many different bottle types. The extra features and ability to cap large batches comfortably make it a better value than cheaper wing cappers.

Let’s dive into the differences between bench cappers and hand cappers then take a closer look at the best options in each category.

Overall best bottle top capper for homebrewing

Whether you are a new homebrewer looking to purchase your first kit or a more advanced brewer looking to upgrade my recommendation for the best homebrew bottle capper is the same.

The Ferrari Super Agata bench capper is a durable option that includes many features to make your bottling experience more efficient and easier to manage. Bench cappers, in general, are a better value over time than wing cappers if you have the space and will pay for themselves over time.

Check out the Ferrari Super Agata bench capper right here and check out the great reviews from brewers that have already purchased the unit. It’s less than $50 and should last you many years of brewing.

Read on to learn more about this capper as well as other alternatives to consider.

Bench cappers vs hand cappers

In case you aren’t familiar with bottle cappers, you will typically find that there are two major styles to choose from: bench cappers and hand cappers.

As the name suggests, bench cappers are meant to mount or hook to a table or bench semi-permanently and operate by loading the cap into the ‘bell’, placing the bottle underneath, and pulling down a handle with one hand until the bottle is sealed.

Bench cappers are usually more expensive than hand cappers but offer many other benefits:

  • More durable
  • Can handle more bottle types and sizes
  • Easier operation
  • Handles large batches more efficiently
  • Less likely to break beer bottles while capping

Hand cappers, meanwhile, are portable cappers that have two handles in a wing shape and are typically less expensive than bench cappers.

Wing cappers do offer some unique benefits compared to bench cappers:

  • Cheaper
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Able to use in small work areas

Which style you choose is up to you but personally I prefer to pay a little more money up front to get something that will last me a long time so I always recommend going for a decent bench capper for your first capper or first upgrade!

Best homebrew bench cappers

There are several excellent options when it comes to bench cappers and while all models will likely get the job done you’ll want to pay attention to the features of an individual model to make sure you are getting what you need.

Keep in mind that while bench cappers are going to be a little more expensive than wing cappers, you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to get something of value.

All bench cappers will look essentially the same. You’ll have a sturdy base with a rod coming straight up. Attached to the rod is the capper itself. You’ll stick a new bottle cap into the receiver (usually held by a magnet), place the bottled beer underneath, and pull down firmly on the lever to secure the cap to the bottle.

The biggest benefit to this style is the ease and consistency of operation – it makes bottling big or multiple batches much easier!

Let’s take a look at the best three options!

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Ferrari Super Agata bench capper

I mentioned this capper already at the beginning of the article and I think its the best bench capper overall based on quality, features, and value.

This capper includes self-adjusting springs, a long handle for great leverage, a magnetic bell that can be replaced with a different size (for European or champagne bottles), and a non-slip base to set your bottled homebrew on.

The biggest downside to this model, as noted in product reviews, is the plastic components around the bell housing. If you apply too much force, you can break this plastic piece which will make the capper useless. To avoid this issue, you’ll need to carefully position the capper and apply firm, even pressure.

Colt Strong High-Pressure Bench Bottle Capper

Consider this capper to be the beefier big brother to the Ferrari Super Agata. It’s the same basic design of the Super Agata but it includes a stronger housing for the magnet bell receiver that will stand up to more frequent and heavier use.

This capper includes a heavy-duty machined (not crimped) crimping cap, reinforced shaft, and adjustable springs and housing. This capper fits the standard 26mm American bottle caps.

The biggest downside to the Colt is that the magnetic bell cannot be swapped for different sizes (such as the larger 29mm and 31mm European caps) so you will be stuck with the original base.

If you plan on doing a lot of bottled batches, this is a solid upgrade to the Ferrari Super Agata!

Homebrewers Outpost B502 Bottle Capper

The last capper on the list is the super heavy duty bench capper from Homebrewers Outpost. It features a heavy gauge, enamel-coated steel body and cap housing that will last a LONG time without experiencing any issues.

The biggest downside to this particular model is the price. You are definitely paying for the metal and extra durability with this unit. Still, it will likely be the last bench capper you’ll need so if you envision having a lot of bottled batches in the future then you might want to consider this one!

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Basic All-Metal Wing Capper

I’ve used a basic all-metal wing capper like this and the past and it worked well for me.

This particular capper is great because not only is it the cheapest option it also has an all-metal frame that will help it last much longer than the plastic versions if you take care of it. Overall, ratings are very high from other homebrewers for this capper and it will serve you well for small or infrequent batches!

Red Baron Bottle Capper

The Red Baron is one of the most popular wing-style cappers on Amazon and seems to have the most consistent quality overall compared to other models.

This capper has a plastic body with a magnetic bottle cap receiving bell, metal crimp, and metal springs. Overall, it is a comfortable and capable unit at a low price.

Black Beauty Bottle Capper

Similar to the Red Baron, the Black Beauty is pretty popular on online retailers but doesn’t seem to have as much consistency in terms of quality.

This capper has a plastic body with a magnetic bottle cap receiving bell, metal crimp, and metal springs. Overall, it is a comfortable and capable unit at a low price.