Does Twisted Tea Have Caffeine? (How Much Per Can)

Hard iced teas have grown in popularity in recent years. Most teas – especially the kind used to make a classic iced tea – have caffeine, but what about the spiked version? does Twisted Tea have caffeine?

Like the brewed tea it is made from, Twisted Tea contains caffeine. This is true for all current styles and flavors of the hard iced tea. A 12-ounce bottle of Twisted Tea contains 30mg of caffeine, or about one-third of what’s in a typical cup of coffee.

Continue reading for more on Twisted Tea’s composition and to find out if there’s really tea in this drink.

Is there caffeine in Twisted Tea?

Is there actually caffeine in Twisted Tea? Where does it come from?

There is caffeine in Twisted Tea. A single 12-ounce serving of Twisted Tea contains 30mg of caffeine – a cup of coffee contains around 100mg.

The caffeine comes from the tea leaves that the beverage is brewed with.

Does Twisted Tea have tea in it?

Unlike the popular Long Island Iced Tea, Twisted Tea does actually contain tea.

Twisted Tea does have tea in it. It is brewed with real tea leaves and brewed tea, and therefore contains tea.

After all, the caffeine we mentioned earlier has to come from somewhere!

Does Twisted Tea Half and Half have caffeine?

Does the half and half style of Twisted Tea contain Caffeine? How much?

Twisted Tea Half and Half has caffeine. Made with half tea and half lemonade, it can be assumed that it has half the amount of caffeine as Twisted Tea Original, giving Half and Half 15mg of caffeine.