How Many Twisted Teas To Get Drunk? (Based on Weight With Calculator)

Quality iced tea combined with a dash of lemon and alcohol makes for a delicious drink. You will want to keep drinking Twisted Tea all day. The question is how many Twisted Teas will it take to get drunk?

Twisted Tea is a 5% ABV hard iced tea. Since this is comparable to many commercial beers, you will get drunk after the same number of Twisted Teas as regular beer of the same ABV. A 180-pound man will meet the legal limit of 0.08 BAC after 3.2 12 oz Twisted Teas, while a 120-pound woman will be considered legally drunk after only 1.7 Twisted Teas.

Whether you prefer beer to hard iced tea or vice versa, stick around to learn how to calculate your BAC after a few drinks, how tolerance affects perceived drunkenness and the effect of carbonation on how fast you get drunk.

How many Twisted Teas do you need to drink to get drunk based on weight

No matter what you’re drinking, how drunk you get depends on your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). Your BAC is a measurement of the alcohol in your bloodstream. This percentage is calculated by determining the grams of alcohol per 100 mL of blood.

The US federal BAC limit on legal driving is 0.08% for of-age drinkers. Anything higher than that is considered driving under the influence. Anyone younger than the legal drinking age of 21 will be considered legally drunk at 0.02% or even lower in some states.

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration is affected by several factors, chief among which is your body weight. The more you weigh, the more drinks it requires to get to a certain BAC. This is because the concentration of alcohol goes down when it can spread out or diffuse more.

So the number of Twisted Teas you need to get drunk will go up as your body weight does. 

To estimate the number of Twisted Teas it will take to get drunk you can use a formula invented by Erik Widmark. This formula finds BAC by dividing the grams of alcohol consumed by the sum of your weight in grams multiplied by a gender constant. The result of that division is then multiplied by 100.

Below is the equation written out where “A” is the alcohol consumed in grams, “W” is body weight in grams, and “r” is the gender constant. The constant is 0.55 for women and 0.68 for men.

BAC = (A/(W x r)) x 100

100 lbs1.81.4
120 lbs2.11.7
140 lbs2.52
160 lbs2.82.3
180 lbs3.22.6
Here is the approximate number of Twisted Teas required to be considered legally drunk using the BAC equation above.

Finding the value of “A” can be complicated. For your convenience, a standard US drink is roughly 14 grams of alcohol. Since one standard US drink is 12 oz at 5% ABV, I’ll use the 12 oz Twisted Tea Original (also 5% ABV) for the following examples.

100 pounds

To get legally drunk, a 100-pound man will need to drink roughly 1.8 Twisted Teas.

A 100-pound woman will need to drink roughly 1.4 Twisted Teas.

120 pounds

A 120-pound man will need to drink roughly 2.1 Twisted Teas to be considered legally drunk.

A 120-pound woman will need to drink roughly 1.7.

140 pounds

A 140-pound man will need to drink roughly 2.5 Twisted Teas to be considered legally drunk.

A 140-pound woman will need to drink roughly 2.

160 pounds

A 160-pound man will need to drink roughly 2.8 Twisted Teas to be considered legally drunk.

A 160-pound woman will need to drink roughly 2.3.

180 pounds

A 180-pound man will need to drink roughly 3.2 Twisted Teas to be considered legally drunk.

A 180-pound woman will need to drink roughly 2.6.

Twisted Tea alcohol percentage

All of the standard available Twisted Teas are 5% ABV except for the Twisted Tea Light which is 4% ABV.

Twisted Tea drinking calculator

Before I dive further into the Widmark formula it is important to note that this is an estimate only. It is always better to err on the side of caution and not drive after having any alcohol. It can affect your reaction times after only one drink.

Besides, Twisted Teas are best enjoyed when relaxing at the beach or lake. Ideally, driving should be the last thing on your mind.

Now back to the math. Most of the variables in the equation are self-explanatory. The one that might not be is “r” or the gender constant. This number represents the average body fat makeup in a man or a woman.

As for the overall formula used above, that was the shorthand version. You can also calculate how your BAC is affected by time. Your BAC will go down at a rate of about 0.015 per hour. The equation modified to take into account the passage of time would look like this.

BAC = [(A/(W x r)) x 100] – (H x 0.015)

In this new equation “H” is the hours passed since starting the first drink.

How many Twisted Teas equals a shot

One 12 oz Twisted Tea is the same as one 1.5 oz shot of 80 proof liquor.

How many Twisted Teas equals a bottle of wine

An average 750 mL bottle of wine is equal to five standard drinks.

Five 12 oz cans of Twisted Tea is the same as a bottle of wine.

How many Twisted Teas equals a beer?

One 12 oz Twisted Tea equals one 12 oz beer. 

How many Twisted Teas does it take to get drunk for the first time?

Whether you are just about to reach the legal drinking age or chose not to drink until now, a Twisted Tea makes a good introduction to the world of alcohol. It is a nice blend of iced tea and alcohol to start with. The question is how many do you need to drink to get drunk?

The number of Twisted Teas you need to drink to feel drunk for the first time depends on your body weight and your inherent tolerance. If you naturally have a high tolerance to alcohol you may not feel as drunk even if your BAC is high.

High tolerance will greatly affect your perceived drunkenness. While you will still be drunk from a legal and scientific perspective, you may feel more under control of yourself than you expected. Perceived drunkenness can also be influenced by your peers.

If you and everyone you’re around are drunk, you won’t feel as far gone as you would if you were the only drunk person in a room.

Does Twisted Tea get you drunk faster than other alcohol?

You’ve probably heard that carbonated alcohol will get you drunk faster. The claim is that carbon dioxide makes you absorb the alcohol faster. There seems to be some evidence to back this up, but it is shaky.

Twisted Tea will not get you drunk faster than other carbonated alcoholic drinks. However, it may be absorbed more quickly than non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in the first half-hour. Past that point, there is no quantitative difference in absorption speeds.

The common theory is that carbon dioxide provides pressure in your stomach to increase absorption there. The other common theory is that it instead quickens the transition from the stomach to the small intestine where the majority of alcohol is absorbed.

However it is done, there is some small increase in absorption rate with carbonation.