Is Twisted Tea Beer (Does it Have Malt Liquor, Vodka, Other Liquor?)

Hard iced tea can be a refreshing change from the standard American Adjunct Lager or IPA, but what is it really? Is it beer or a mixed drink?

Twisted Tea is made with malted barley but lacks the characteristics of beer as it is not brewed with hops and isn’t carbonated. Instead, it’s brewed with tea and natural lemon flavors. Most Twisted Tea styles have an ABV of 5% (Light is 4% ABV). Because of the use of sweeteners and preservatives, Twisted Tea is considered less healthy than beer.

For more on the specifics of Twisted Tea, continue reading. We’ll tackle ingredients and other commonly asked questions about Twisted Tea.

Is Twisted Tea considered a beer?

What is Twisted Tea? Is it a beer or a malt beverage? Does it use liquor?

Twisted Tea is best classified as a malt beverage. It does not display any of the traditional characteristics of beer and does not contain any liquor. Although it has a malt base similar to beers, it doesn’t use hops and isn’t carbonated.

Keep reading to find out all the differences between Twisted Tea and beer.

What kind of alcohol is in Twisted Tea?

Some great mixed drinks can be made using iced tea as a base and adding your favorite liquor. What kind of alcohol is used to make Twisted Tea?

The alcohol from Twisted Tea comes from the malt used. Twisted Tea uses malted barley, putting it in the beer family and keeping it out of the seltzer category. Twisted Tea has a malt base made from beer. It’s technically a beer.

The alcohol is produced through fermentation, resulting in ethanol. Tea leaves are added during the brewing process for the flavor and caffeine present, but this is all on top of a beer base.

There is no vodka or other liquor in Twisted Tea.

Does Twisted Tea have as much alcohol as beer?

How much alcohol is in Twisted Tea? Does it have as much as beer?

Twisted Tea has a 5% ABV – that’s more than most domestic light lagers. Compared to other beer styles like IPAs, stouts, and Belgian ales, all of which collectively range from roughly 6-8% ABV, Twisted Tea has generally less alcohol.

It is in the same ABV range as other styles of beer like some pilsners and blonde ales.

Twisted Tea ingredients

What exactly is Twisted Tea made with? What ingredients does it use?

Twisted Tea is made with real tea leaves and brewed tea. It uses natural lemon flavors and is made with malted barley. Twisted tea does not contain hops and likely contains other preservatives.

Flavored styles of Twisted Tea will also contain natural flavors including blueberry, peach, and mango, blackberry, and raspberry.

Does Twisted Tea have tea in it?

Is Twisted Tea made with real tea, or does it just take like it?

Twisted Tea has tea in it. It’s brewed with real tea leaves and, until recently, Twisted Tea said it used black tea for brewing it. Now, Twisted Tea does mention the type of tea used.

It’s likely that it is now being brewed with a variety of tea leaves.

Is Twisted Tea made with hops?

Does Twisted Tea use hops?

Twisted Tea is not made with hops. It is likely made with other inorganic preservatives.

Is Twisted Tea healthier than beer?

Is this drink healthier than beer? Is it a better alternative?

Twisted tea contains caffeine and real tea, and malted barley. It’s assumed that Twisted Tea contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives, which are unhealthy. Compared to some other beers, Twisted Tea, with the amount of sugar and caffeine in each serving, is more unhealthy.

Original Twisted Tea19423.3g5.0%
Sam Adams Bostom Lager1751g4.9%
Stella Artois Belgium Lager1540g5.0%
Bud Light Lager1100g4.2%