Oklahoma Beer Laws in 2023 (Sunday Sales, Delivery, Where To Buy)

You should always stay informed on the alcohol laws of your state. Since each state has its own version of these laws, it can be confusing. What do beer laws look like in Oklahoma?

Keep reading to learn more about Oklahoma’s beer laws, including when and where you can get a beer, open container laws, and legal limits.

Is Oklahoma a dry state?

For Oklahoma to be a dry state, it would have to prohibit or severely restrict the sale of alcohol on a statewide level. Since no state has done this since the Prohibition, there are no dry states.

Oklahoma is not a dry state. It does not prohibit the sale of alcohol or severely limit the times and locations you can buy alcohol.

Not only do states have the power to set their alcohol laws, but they also can allow their counties to do the same. This of course raises the question of whether there are dry counties in Oklahoma.

Does Oklahoma have any dry counties?

Plenty of states have both wet and dry counties. Most dry counties do not allow the sale of one or more types of alcohol – usually liquor. Others will only allow on or off-premise consumption.

Of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, none are dry. No counties have restrictions on liquor sales by the drink. 

The closest to a dry county in Oklahoma is one that does not allow liquor sales on Sunday. However, even these counties do not have as many restrictions as dry counties in other states. 

When can you buy beer in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma law does set certain times when you cannot buy alcohol. This is typically determined by whether the retailer sells alcohol for consumption on or off the premises. On-premise retailers include bars and restaurants. Off-premise retailers are places like grocery and package stores.

On-premise retailers in Oklahoma can sell alcohol between 8 a.m. and 2 a.m. any day of the week. Off-premise retailers can sell alcohol between 8 a.m. and 2 a.m. as well. Liquor stores are limited to 8 a.m. through midnight, Monday through Saturday.

Some retailers may close earlier than their latest legal sale hour. Restaurants that serve drinks, in particular, might close earlier. Additionally, individual counties can restrict these hours further.

Can you buy beer on Sunday in Oklahoma?

Sunday alcohol sales are legal in Oklahoma. That said, Oklahoma counties have the power to vote and make it illegal. 

On Sunday in Oklahoma on-premise retailers can sell alcohol from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Off-premise retailers can sell alcohol from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Package or liquor stores can sell on Sunday from noon to midnight.

Other times when alcohol sales can be voted illegal by each county are major holidays such as Christmas Day.

When do bars close in Oklahoma?

Bars are considered on-premise retailers. This means that their closing time is the same as other on-premise retailers. However, bars are one of the few that take full advantage of the legal sale hours.

Oklahoma bars close at 2 a.m. Counties can set earlier closing times.

Be sure to check if your local bar has hours more restrictive than the above.

Where can you buy beer in Oklahoma?

Some states limit where you can buy certain types of alcohol. Up until recently, Oklahoma limited where you could get a full-strength beer. Beers below 3.2% ABV were labeled “low-point beer” and were the only beers you could get at a grocery store.

Now, you can buy beer up to 9% ABV at grocery stores and gas stations. 

In Oklahoma, you can buy beer at the following places:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Package and liquor stores
  • Breweries and taprooms

Below, I will detail each retailer’s hours, available alcohol, and any weird regulations.

Bars and restaurants

Oklahoma bars and restaurants can sell beer, wine, and liquor any day of the week from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. They can sell beer in bottles, cans, and on draft. Restaurants may sell alcohol for off-premise consumption as part of a to-go order.

Alcohol deliveries were made legal by the Oklahoma Cocktails to Go Act of 2021. This act is set to be repealed one year after it went into effect. Unless changed, it will expire on August 26, 2022. These to-go drinks cannot be delivered by a third-party service.

Gas stations

You can buy beer and wine from gas stations in Oklahoma. All alcohol must be in its original packaging and cannot be opened in the gas station. These retailers can sell alcohol from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. any day of the week. 

Gas stations were only allowed to sell beer stronger than 3.2% ABV in recent years. They are currently limited to beer up to 9% ABV and wine up to 15% ABV. They cannot sell liquor.

Grocery stores

Oklahoma grocery stores can sell beer and wine any day of the week. Their alcohol sale hours are from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. They may only sell alcohol for off-premises consumption.

Just like gas stations, grocery stores have an upper limit on the strength of alcohol they can sell. Beer can go up to 9% ABV while wine can go up to 15% ABV.

Package and liquor stores

Liquor and package stores in Oklahoma can sell beer, wine, and liquor any day of the week. Their hours are 10 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday. Sunday hours are from noon to midnight.

Each county can decide by vote if they want to allow liquor stores to remain open on Sundays. As such certain counties may have reduced or even no legal hours for liquor stores on Sunday.

Breweries and taprooms

Breweries and taprooms in Oklahoma can sell beer and wine any day of the week. Their hours are from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. Breweries can sell alcohol for both on and off-premise consumption. You can get growlers filled at these retailers.

Though they can be open more, most breweries do not remain open for the entire time. Check with your local brewery to see their hours.

Can you get beer delivered in Oklahoma?

Beer delivery can be extremely convenient. Unfortunately, it isn’t legal everywhere. 

You can get beer delivered in Oklahoma. If you order from a bar or restaurant, you cannot use a third-party delivery system. You can order through third parties at certain liquor stores. 

The Oklahoma Cocktails to Go Act of 2021 allows Oklahomans to order alcohol to go from a restaurant or bar. The retailer’s employees must be the ones to deliver. Alternatively, you can pick it up as a curbside pickup. 

Third-party delivery services like Drizly.com will work with certain liquor and package stores to fulfill your order.

What is the minimum drinking age in Oklahoma?

The drinking age is the same in Oklahoma as it is across the country. Underage individuals will face fines and other punishments for drinking or attempting to purchase alcohol.

The minimum drinking age is 21 in Oklahoma.

Anyone who sells or provides alcohol to an individual under 21 will face punishment that may include both fines and jail time. 

Can minors drink beer in Oklahoma with parents?

One of the common exceptions to the legal drinking age is parental permission.

Minors in Oklahoma can drink with their parents or guardians present. 

Another common exception is the permission of a drinking-age spouse. This exception does not exist in Oklahoma. 

Drinking laws in Oklahoma

Overall, Oklahoma’s drinking laws are not as strict as other neighboring states. They aren’t very loose with their drinking laws either. 

Oklahoma has some harsh penalties when its alcohol laws are broken. However, the laws aren’t suffocatingly strict. Follow common sense, and you won’t have an issue.

There are a few more laws you need to know surrounding alcohol. I will go over the important ones below.

Can you buy growlers and other unsealed beer containers in Oklahoma?

Growlers, or 32-64 oz jugs of beer, aren’t legal everywhere. Where they are there are some odd regulations. What is Oklahoma’s stance on growlers?

You can buy and get growlers filled in Oklahoma. Not every retailer that serves draft beer will be able to fill a growler.

Breweries will be able to fill growlers for you. Check to see which local breweries choose to do so. 

Open container

Many states have very specific laws about what you can do with open containers of alcohol. They are particularly concerned about open containers in a vehicle. Oklahoma’s laws on open containers are average for the US.

In Oklahoma, it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol in easy reach of the driver or passengers. This means that any open container of alcohol must be in a locked glove box, trunk, or behind the rearmost seat. 

One exception is the passengers of a bus or a limo. These vehicles are designed for hired transportation. The driver of either vehicle is still restricted from access to alcohol. 


Naturally, it is illegal to drink and drive. However, there are some legal limits for of-age drinkers. Underage individuals are prohibited from drinking, and the limits reflect that. 

Driving while under the influence in Oklahoma comes with some harsh penalties. Both the limits and penalties are different depending on the age of the driver. 

Under 21 years old

Since drivers under 21 years old aren’t allowed to drink except for one exception, their legal limit is much lower.

In Oklahoma, the legal limit for drivers under 21 years old is 0.02% BAC. The first conviction can result in a revoked license for 6 months, a fine of at least $100 up to $500, and community service.

The harshness of the penalties will depend on the circumstances.  

21 years and older

In Oklahoma, the legal limit for of-age drinkers is 0.08% BAC. However, it is also illegal to drive with a BAC between 0.051% and 0.079%. This is considered impaired though the courts will need more. The first conviction can result in a revoked license for 180 days, jail time for up to a year, and a fine of up to $1,000.

Though alcohol tolerances differ, driving while impaired, as outlined above, is still illegal. Never risk driving while intoxicated.

Summary of Oklahoma’s beer and alcohol laws

In Oklahoma, you can buy beer, wine, and liquor every day of the week. On and off-premise retailers can sell alcohol 8-2 a.m. The exception is liquor stores, which are limited to 8 a.m. through midnight, Monday through Saturday. Liquor stores can be open from noon to midnight on Sunday if the county allows. Delivery and growlers are also legal.

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