Press Release: Merges with as of February 3rd, 2023 was a homebrewing resource and beer recipe repository meant to help new, intermediate, and advanced homebrewers improve their technique, submit their own recipes, and discover new beer recipes. also offered helpful homebrewing beer calculators and information on influential and popular homebrewers. On February 3rd, 2023, was purchased by Joshua Bartlett and then merged into

HopVille was moved to to establish help establish better resources and expert content related to beer recipes, popular brewers, and helpful beer calculators.

What did Do? was a home for brewers to make their best beer and share their craft with others.

What does Do?

Learning to Homebrew is a blog dedicated to helping people get started with homebrewing beer, learn how to brew beer better, and discover new and interesting information about craft beer and beer styles!

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