Brewing With Apples (How Much, When To Add, and More!)

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Brewing beer with apples is best done by avoiding the whole apple altogether, and by adding its juices at different times during the process.  

For a standard 5-gallon batch of homebrewed beer, add apple flavor by adding ½ gallon of apple juice or cider to your wort when there are about 20 minutes left in the boil. 

What kind of beer uses apples in the recipe?

Types of beers that are good with apple added to the recipe:  American Lager / Pilsner American Pale Ale American Amber Ale American Brown Ale Fruited Sour Ale Belgian-style or American Tripel

What kind of apples should you use when brewing?

The most popular and accessible method of including apples in your beer recipe is to use frozen apple juice. Apple juice won’t leave the same sediment in your beer as a whole apple would, and it tastes just the same. 

How much apple should you add to a homebrew recipe?

Instead of whole apples, your best bet is to use frozen apple juice. You’ll want at least half a gallon of juice per 5-gallon batch. The more juice you use, the stronger your apple flavor will be. 

How to brew with apple

Add juice/cider to fermentation   This will cause a secondary fermentation that you will have to wait to finish, but it’s much better than using whole apples. Add the juice or cider to your beer during primary fermentation.

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