Can You Drink Beer at Room Temperature? (Plus Why You Might Want To!)

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Despite ingrained preferences for ice-cold beers, many full-bodied ales are best enjoyed at nearly room temperature.  

Is it okay to drink beer at room temperature?

When it comes to taste, the style of beer you choose will determine the best serving temperature and whether or not it will be good at room temperature. Recommended serving temperatures vary between different types of beer and serving practices. 

Higher temperatures make many chemical compounds more volatile. Volatile compounds are more easily perceived as aromas and flavors. Colder temperatures mute our ability to taste certain flavors: cold ice cream is perfectly balanced.

The belief that warm alcohol will get you drunk faster comes from the volatile alcohol compounds.  

Does warm beer get you drunk faster?

Who drinks warm beer?

Though uncommon, some Central Europeans still prefer to warm their beer with a bierwärmer. Though unfashionable with the younger generation, beer warming devices remain widespread.  

How long is beer good for at room temperature?

An unopened bottle of beer can last between 6-9 months at room temperature. The fridge will extend the shelf life to about two years. 

Can beer go from cold to warm back to cold?

That being said, if your beer is constantly changing temperature, it becomes increasingly likely that it will be exposed to sunlight or heat above room temperature, conditions which can ruin your beer.  

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