Can You Use Beer To Tenderize Meat?

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Let's learn why beer is such a great meat tenderizer along with the best pairings!

Good beer always goes great with food but can good beer also make food great?

These tannins and alpha acids bind to the proteins in meat, causing them to break down - for best results, the beer will need 2-8 hours to work!

Beer is an excellent meat tenderizer because of the included tannins and alpha acids

The best marinades will use beer as a base and include other seasonings to add depth and complexity to the flavor.

The flavor added from the beer will depend heavily on the style of the beer - let's check out the best pairings!


Stouts add rich chocolate, caramel, and cinnamon flavors and pair best with red meats, steak, and lamb


Pilsners add crisp, clean flavors of orange, herbs, and honey and pair best with tough meats, pork, and steak


IPAs provide sharp and bitter flavors of citrus and vinegar and pair best with poultry, chicken, and turkey


Lagers provide a light, fresh, and sweet flavor and pair best with fish such as salmon or white fish

To learn more about using beer to tenderize meat as well as other popular flavors and pairings - check out the full article!