Do Hops Add Calories To Beer?

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Hops add an insignificant number of calories to beer through the extraction of hop oils during the brewing process where they are boiled or steeped in the beer to add flavor and aroma to the finished beer. 

Hop-heavy beer styles such as IPAs typically include more calories because they often have higher alcohol content and unfermentable sugars. 

Do hops increase the number of calories in beer?

The hop plant contains very few calories itself since only a small amount of it finds its way into the final beer there is no significant calorie addition.

Why hoppy beers like IPAs usually have more calories

IPAs and other hoppy beer styles often contain more alcohol which is where the majority of the calories in beer come from!

How many calories are in IPA beers?

A recent survey revealed that the average calorie count for one 12-ounce serving of the average IPA ranged from 170 to 240 calories.  Considering that Bud Light includes only 110 calories, many IPAs offer around double the calories of standard domestic light beer. 

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