Do You Have to Be 21 to Brew Beer? (Homebrewing Laws by State)

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The legislation governing the production and consumption of homebrewed beer varies widely from state to state. 

Although federal law allows anyone 18 years or older to brew beer for personal consumption, many states require homebrewers to be at least 21 years old before they can legally engage in the hobby. 

Legal homebrewing and drinking age by state

Although homebrewing has been legally protected and tax-exempt in the United States since 1978, it was only officially made legal in all fifty states in 2013, when Mississippi and Alabama passed legislation to extend the right to homebrew to its citizens.  

Is it illegal to brew your own beer under the age of 21?

While it may seem odd that someone under the federal drinking age could legally brew their own alcohol, the United States government actually allows for anyone over the age of 18 to make beer or wine at home. 

Is it illegal to purchase homebrewing supplies under the age of 21?

While you have to be at least 18 years or older to legally brew your own beer, there is no federal restriction on purchasing the equipment or ingredients needed for home brewing. 

Can you drink homebrew beer under the age of 21?

Federal law provides a number of exemptions for minors to consume alcohol, leaving it up to each individual state to decide when people under 21 can and cannot legally drink. 

How much homebrew can you make?

According to H.R. 1337, any household may legally brew up to 100 gallons of beer per year if there is one adult in the household, or 200 gallons per year if there are two or more adults living in the home.  

Can you sell your own homebrew?

In order to legally sell beer in the United States, you must hold a commercial brewer’s license.  

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