Does Beer Have Protein?

Learning to homebrew

(And Which Ones Have the Most)

But, have you ever wondered how much protein is in your favorite brew?

When most people talk about beer they are worried about the calories and carbohydrates.

Almost any beer that you'll find on the store shelf will have little or NO protein inside the can or bottle!

Well, here is the answer:

But why?

If you check out a typical beer recipe you'll find malted grains, hops, and water.

Looking at the ingredients, you'll notice that very little protein goes into the mix.

Even though there is a bit of protein in grain, it doesn't make it into the final product

Most of it will bind together into clumps and separate from the beer during fermentation

In your average 12-ounce beer, such as a Budweiser, you'll find just .8-2 grams of protein

Over the years, a few brewers have released limited batches of beers boasting over 20 grams of protein in a single serving.

But, you are unlikely to find them in a store anytime soon as they have mostly proven to be gimmicks - stick to the protein shakes!