Does Beer Lighten Hair? (Beer in the Shower, Shampoo, & Body Wash!)

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The acidic pH of beer can lighten the hair of natural blondes. It isn’t recommended for brunettes or darker, as the acid in the beer may bring out undesired orange tones. 

In addition to lightening, proteins, vitamins, and other compounds found in beer can promote hair health and growth. 

Does beer make hair lighter?

Lemon juice has long been used to naturally lighten hair, and given its similar acidity, beer can (and has been) used to lighten hair color.  

What does beer do to your hair?

These benefits include: Strengthening hair Adding volume Adding shinine Moisturizing

Does beer make hair thicker?

Beer can help strengthen hair, however, the jury is still out on whether it actually makes hair thicker

Is it good to apply beer on hair?

While applying beer to your hair will not replace the benefits gained from a healthy diet and gentle daily hair care, a once- or twice-monthly application of beer or a beer-based mask can have a positive outcome.  

What about beer shampoo and conditioner?

Commercial beer shampoos and conditioners contain other ingredients that promote hair health and shine without that ‘frat house’ smell. 

Are there side effects of beer shampoo?

However, because different hair types require different things, some users have reported beer shampoo drying out their hair. Another complaint may be that the shampoo has a weak or non-existent lather, but this is different from brand to brand.  

What does beer soap smell like?

Some companies lean into citrus and pine whereas others choose richer, roasted scents like the chocolate oatmeal stout soap in the video above. Others lend their soaps a fruity smell. 

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