Does Beer Really Quench Your Thirst

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(Or Hydrate You?)

But, does beer ACTUALLY quench your thirst? Will it dehydrate you?

Everyone loves an ice-cold beer on a hot day, especially after a long workout or run.

The first question is easy - does beer quench your thirst?

With a water content as high as 95%, beer can certainly satisfy extreme thirst!

Keep in mind though that a cold, light lager is going to be a LOT more refreshing than an Imperial Stout which is meant to be sipped slowly.

That's all great, but does beer actually hydrate you?

Studies have shown that drinking beer with a 2% of lower ABV after exercise can hydrate BETTER than water - especially if it has added sodium (like a pinch of salt)!

Keep in mind that beers at 5% ABV or higher will act as a diuretic which will have a dehydrating effect - causing more harm than good.

If you are looking for an interesting, thirst-quenching beer then I recommend Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

This is a 4.9% sour that includes black lime and sea salt to help with hydration.