How Long Do Hops Last in the Freezer?  (Pellets and  Whole Fresh!)

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Fortunately, hops can last up to FIVE years inside a freezer if follow a few basic rules.

Compared to other beer ingredients, hops can be quite expensive.

Hops get their flavor and bitterness from alpha acids contained in their resin

So, why do hops go bad?

Increased exposure to heat, oxygen, or light will cause these acids to break down and oxidize more quickly.

Even in the freezer, hops will lose alpha acid potency over time.

Eventually, they will develop a cheesy flavor and can no longer be used for brewing.

So, how do you maximize your hops' lifespan? A vacuum sealer!

Vacuum-sealed hop pellets can last up to 5 YEARS in the freezer but only 5 WEEKS in a normal container.

Dried whole hops that are vacuum-sealed will last up to 2 years in the freezer and about 6 months in the fridge.

Whole fresh hops, on the other hand, should never be frozen and really only last a couple of days after harvesting if you don't dry them.

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