How Much Water is in Beer? (Plus How Much It Takes To Make It)

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Beer is 95% water. A standard 12 oz beer with 5% ABV contains 11.4 ounces of water with the remaining 5% being alcohol.  

When brewing beer at home, you will start with significantly more water than you intend to have beer because of the amount of time the wort will need to boil in order to concentrate the flavors and create the desired complexity. 

How much water is in a 12 oz beer?

The standard 12 oz beer is made up of 95% water. That means that, in 12 oz of beer, there’s about 11.4 oz of water. That leaves about 0.6 oz for the stuff that makes you feel funny – alcohol. 

How much water is in a pint of beer?

Whether you’re drinking a pint of beer (a full 16 oz pour), the same principle and mathematics apply. No matter the size of the pour, you’ll always be looking at about 90-95% water. In this case, a pint of beer contains 15.2 oz (449.52mL) of water. 

Does beer contribute to water intake?

Beer does contribute to water intake. It also technically hydrates you – for the time being. However, alcohol is a diuretic, and contributes to more frequent urination and thus leads to dehydration. 

How much water is used to make beer?

It can take about 7 gallons of water to make just 1 pint of beer. In other cases, it can take even more – upwards of 10 gallons of water per pint. 

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