Malty Beer – What Does It Taste Like? (Plus the Best Ones To Try!)

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Malty beer is earthy and complex. Several flavors can be noted depending on the beer and the characteristics of the grains used. They can be sweet with caramel, chocolate, or coffee notes, or they can be nutty, fruity, bready.  

What does it mean if a beer is malty?

Malty beers are darker in color and sweeter than those made with lighter malts. Malty beers usually have a more subdued hop flavor to balance out the sweetness from the malt.  

What do malty beers taste like?

Malty beers can be broken down into several commonly noted characteristics: Caramel Toffee Coffee Fruits (like raisins, figs, bananas, prunes, and cherrie Bread or biscuit-like 

Are malty beers sweet? 

Some, however, are sweeter than others. For example, beers made with crystal malt have a strong, sweet caramel flavor. Others like brown ales, stouts, and porters made with chocolate malt have low sweetness with more coffee-like flavors.  

Which beer styles are the maltiest?

The maltiest beer styles are: Brown Ales  - Dark Ales  - Strong Ales  - Dark Lagers  - Bocks  - Porters 

The best malty beers to try in 2021

Samual Adams  3 Floyds Brewing  Cigar City  Ayinger  Deschutes 

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