Can Beer Provide Health Benefits?

Learning to homebrew

But when enjoyed in moderation, beer provides a lot of potential health benefits that you might not know about!

Beer isn't exactly a superfood.

First - Here are a few potential benefits to drink beer - commercial OR homebrew!

-Improve blood sugar control -Reduce the risk of heart disease -Increase creative problem solving Boost the immune system

BUT - homebrew beer can provide even MORE benefits!

Because homebrew beer typically still contains live yeast, drinkers will get a boost of B vitamins in every bottle!

The yeast even carries some probiotic effects - potentially improving your digestion and immune system!

Many homebrewers also report fewer hangovers when drinking homemade beer - probably from the extra B vitamins!

Next time you have the chance - be sure to drink a buddy's homebrew beer or even pick out a bottle-conditioned craft brew from the store for a healthier beer option!