STOP Stirring the Fermenter After Pitching Yeast!

Learning to homebrew

Fermentation is a crucial part of homebrewing

But, do you need to stir your yeast in once you've pitched it?

Many homebrewers worry when they pitch dry yeast because it immediately clumps and sits on top of the wort.

Stirring can cause the yeast to clump more and stick to the inside of the fermenter, away from your wort completely.


Don't worry, the yeast will soon start to rehydrate, multiply, and mix into the wort during active fermentation.

To aerate the wort properly, be sure to stir it BEFORE you pitch the yeast.

Use a yeast starter to introduce more yeast cells into your wort that are healthier and will mix more easily!

How can you help get fermentation started faster?

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