Shower Beers (What Are They & Why Are They So Awesome?)

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Having a beer in the shower is objectively awesome because the juxtaposition of an ice-cold beer in a hot, steamy shower is extremely pleasant.  

That brew is also scientifically better than it would be otherwise because a hot shower actually enhances your senses of smell and taste, making your beer actually taste better. 

Are shower beers a thing?

If you think you and your friends from college invented shower beers, think again. Shower beers have appeared on the internet and in pop culture for decades. 

When did shower beer become a thing?

Regardless of the shower beer’s origins, it’s certainly seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. Google trends show that instances of the search term have been trending upwards since 2010. 

Why do beers taste better in the shower?

This means you smell more aromas in the shower, and because smell is so closely tied to taste, you’ll also taste your beer more intensely. 

Do shower beers get you drunk faster?

Theoretically, because heat opens up your blood vessels, you may absorb alcohol slightly faster. But the amount of alcohol in the average beer is low enough that you probably won’t notice. 

How to enjoy a shower beer

1. Choose your beer. 2. Pick a sturdy spot in your shower to keep the beer when you’re not drinking it.

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