The Best Beer at Aldi (Flavors and Tasting Notes for Each Style)

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With brewery partnerships around the world, the only beers available at Aldi are exclusives. 

What kind of beer is available at Aldi?

Aldi produces several styles of beer and alternatives to big-name brands. These styles include a bock, 2 lagers, 2 IPAs, an amber ale, a Cerveza, a blonde ale, and a wheat beer. 

Although Aldi doesn’t have breweries and brewmasters in the back of its stores, its beer is produced for just Aldi. It is partnered with breweries around the world – mostly Europe – to produce its beer. 

Notable brewers like Brasserie de Saint-Omer in France and William Bros. Brewing Company brew beer for Aldi. Saint-Omer produces Aldi’s Lowenstein Pilsner. Other notable beers from these breweries include Saint-Omer’s Munsterbrau and William Bros.’ Alba. 

Who brews Aldi’s beer?

Is Aldi beer good?

Aldi’s beer is brewed by established breweries and does not cut corners. Some of the beers are noted to be replicas of existing beers or beer styles – often claimed to be done better.  

Aldi beer comparison

Aldi’s Brecken Bock can be compared to Shiner Bock, its Brens looks like Beck’s lager and tastes like a Heineken. 

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