The Best Place To Buy Beer for a Wedding (Kegs, Bottles, or Cans)

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When purchasing beer for your wedding, the retailer you choose will depend on your preferences and budget. 

How to decide where to buy beer for a wedding

Carefully considering all of the factors involved in choosing the type and amount of beer you need to serve all your guests will help you decide the best place to purchase your beverages. Knowing your specific needs will help you make your choice once you’ve done all your research. 

It’s possible your local Mom and Pop bottle shop can give you a better deal on bulk orders or be able to work with a wider variety of brands than big chains like Costco or BJs. 

The best format of beer for you to buy depends on a number of the same factors listed above – the rules of your venue, your budget, your guests, and your personal preferences

Should you get cans, bottles, or kegs?

Cheapest places to buy beer in bulk

Due to their buying power, warehouse stores like Costco will likely be the least expensive places to buy beer in bulk in your area. Conversely, locally-owned, independent bottle shops or liquor stores may be able to give you a steeper discount since they make their own rules.  

The best places to buy beer for your wedding

So where should you buy beer for your wedding? Depending on where you live, you may have numerous opportunities to buy beer for a reception. 

Warehouse store

Pros : – Warehouse stores provide large quantities at steep discounts.  – They may not need much lead-time to supply your beer order.

Cons :  – Warehouse stores have contracts with specific brands and may not be able to order or sell specific kinds of beer.  – Staff members may not be able to answer brand-specific questions.

Chain grocery store

Pros : – Like warehouse stores, grocery stores have significant buying power and can quickly obtain large quantities of beer.  – They may be able to operate with more flexibility in terms of brands than warehouse stores.

Cons :  – They may not be able to provide steep discounts or you may have to wait for items to go on sale if shopping on a budget.  – Employees may not be well-educated on various brands and styles. 

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