The Best Water Profile for Hefeweizen Beer (Starting Water & Minerals)

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The ideal water profile for Hefeweizen contains a slightly lower mineral content than is typically expected for brewing. 

What is the ideal water profile for Hefeweizens?

CaCl salts can balance the pH and highlight malty aroma. Be cautious with sulfates though, since they can bring out the bitter hoppiness in the typically mild hefeweizen. 

When choosing a water profile for a beer, many homebrewers recommend selecting the water profile of the city or region where it was originally brewed. 

Should you use a certain city’s water profile for Hefeweizens?

What is the ideal pH level?

The ideal pH for brewing lies between 5.2 to  5.6. That said, hefeweizens are a prime candidate for a technique known as acid resting.  

What’s the ideal mineral content?

Hefeweizens will benefit from at least 50 mg/L Calcium and 10 mg/L Magnesium, anywhere from 10 to 70 mg/L Sodium. 

How do you find your water profile?

The most accurate way to test your water quality is get it tested by a professional or with a home water testing kit. If you’d prefer a quick reference, you can also ask your town for the most recent readings from your local water supply. 

How important is the water profile in brewing?

Beer is 90% water, and the contents of brewing water can have a significant impact on the flavor profile of your finished product. The pH, mineral content, and any potential contaminants are important factors to be aware of when brewing beer at home. 

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