What Are Beer Flights? (Plus Where To Find Them & What To Order!)

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Beer flights are samplers of a few beers on the menu. These can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with many different styles of beer represented. 

Beer flights are named as such because of a secondary definition of the word “flight”. The word can be used to describe a group of birds in motion, like a flying vee.  

How many beers are in a flight?

Beer flights almost always contain 3-5 beers and typically revolve around a certain beer style (in which all the beers are the same style, such as pale ales or stouts) or a specific brewery which will include many different styles of beer

How many ounces in a flight of beer?

If you calculate the price per ounce of beer, you may find most bars charging a slightly higher rate per ounce for a flight than they do for a pint. 

How much does a beer flight cost?

On average, a flight of beer usually costs between $10 and $20. You’ll pay a premium for higher gravity beers, educational materials, or showmanship. 

How to order a beer flight

If given the chance to select your own beers, order a good mix of beers you think you’ll like. A flight can be a great opportunity to try something new, but is also a low-commitment way to revisit a style you haven’t enjoyed in the past.  

How to drink a flight of beer

As a general rule of thumb, always drink the beers in a flight from lightest to darkest. Lighter beers often have a more delicate flavor and are easily overpowered by heavier dark beers. 

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