What Beer Is Similar To Blue Moon? (Same Flavor Profile or Style)

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There are many beers for a Blue Moon drinker to try that are similar to Blue Moon, a popular Belgian-style witbier. 

This includes other witbiers/wheat beers and different styles such as Hefeweizens, Blonde ales, and New England IPAs. Blue Moon drinkers are likely to enjoy a light-to-medium-bodied beer with pronounced citrus notes and a lightly creamy mouthfeel. 

What type of beer is a Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat beer (also called witbier) that has been brewed with Valencia orange and coriander for a refreshing citrus twist. Wheat beers/witbiers are ales made with barley and/or wheat. 

Flavor profile and tasting note

Blue Moon is a bright, wheat-forward, slightly juicy beer with refreshing citrus notes and a creamy palate. The oats provide a slight sweetness, and the coriander brings a little spice to complement the wheat and orange flavors. 

Blue Moon Light Sky

The Light Sky is brewed with tangerines rather than oranges, and only has 95 calories. It also has a lighter ABV, at only 4.0%.  

Allagash White

It is crisp with juicy orange and appealing spiciness. Allagash White is a 5.2% ABV beer with a complex and refreshing full body.  

Shock Top Belgian White

The beer is brewed with orange, lemon, and lime peels, creating a fruity, citrusy witbier that is a little darker and heavier than Blue Moon. 

Blonde Ales

An easy-drinking and approachable style, Blonde ales have spicy characteristics similar to Blue Moon with light-to-medium bodies and an ABV of less than 6% in the majority of cases. 

New England IPA

For a Blue Moon drinker looking for something bursting with orange flavor and a creamy mouthfeel, NEIPAs could be a great choice. These can pack quite the punch compared to Blue Moon in terms of alcohol, with many ranging between 6 and 7.5% ABV.  

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