What Beer Pairs Best with Salmon? (Style and Tasting Notes)

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The beers that pair best with salmon are brown ales, pale ales, blonde ales, and witbiers.  

These beers are mostly mild in taste and offer great versatility on their own, making them exceptional pairings for the many ways that you can prepare salmon.  

Salmon and beer – do they pair well together?

Salmon and beer pair well together. You can either drink the beer with your finished salmon, or you can use it to cook with. 

Flavor profile of salmon

The general flavor profile for salmon though, is very rich. It’s high in fat, giving it a pleasant smell and oily flavor and, since it’s a freshwater species, it doesn’t have that saltwater taste. 

Common salmon preparation

Some of the flavors that go best with these salmon preparations include lemon and herb, blackened salmon, and a simple salt and pepper seasoning.

What kind of flavors pair best with salmon?

The best flavors to pair with salmon are sweet, salty, sour, and pungent. Some specific additions include orange zest, soy sauce, lemon & lime, and garlic, respectively. 

The best beer styles to pair with salmon

Onto the meat and potatoes – well, rather, fish and chips – of the article. Salmon goes well with beer. It particularly goes well with select beer styles. 

American Pale Ale

American pale ales pair well with salmon because they don’t overpower the dish’s taste. Instead, the mildness of the beer pairs well and accentuates the fish’s many flavors, making the two a harmonious combination. 


Saisons pair well with a lemon-dressed grilled or fried salmon. The high carbonation and fruity esters present in Saisons bring out the pleasant citrus flavors in the dish. 

German-style Pilsner

Blackened salmon with this beer lets the dish shine while still making a great contribution to flavor. German-style pilsners won’t overwhelm any preparation of salmon. 

White Beers (Witbiers)

White or Witbiers are spicy, fruity, and herbal – another style that pairs well with grilled or smoked salmon. The citrusy and spicy notes of the beer cut the charred taste of the fish and make a delicious combination of intricate flavors. 

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