What Does Coors Banquet Taste Like? (Flavors and Tasting Notes)

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While Banquet may not be Coors’ most well-known beer, it is nearly as old as the company that makes it, and is popular to this day across the United States and beyond.  

Coors Banquet has a malty sweetness with hints of bitterness that goes down smoothly without lingering for too long.  

Tasting notes and flavors for Coors Banquet

Coors Banquet is a beer that balances malty sweetness and corn with a hint of hop bitterness. It presents a mild aroma that mirrors the taste. The Banquet experience is completed by a light, watery, and effervescent mouthfeel. 


The most prominent flavor is the barley that Coors is known for. It is accompanied by corn sweetness and a hint of hop bitterness. These flavors combine to create a beer that melds malt, sweetness, and bitterness without one becoming overwhelming. 


The first impression is one of fresh bread and other grainy notes. Then there are notes of corn and esters that create a sweet smell.  


Coors Banquet is very transparent with a golden coloration. It has a white head that dissipates quickly though it is rather carbonated. It leaves little to no lacing behind. 


The overall mouthfeel is smooth and refreshing. You will feel the carbonation, but it typically isn’t too much. Compared to many heavier beers, this one is light and watery. 

How to drink Coors Banquet for the best flavor

Even if you don’t particularly care what your beer tastes like, following the below recommendations for temperature, packaging, and serving glass will provide the ideal Coors Banquet experience. 


The ideal serving temp range for Coors Banquet is 35°F to 40°F. 

Bottle, can, or draft?

To fully enjoy a Banquet, drink it from the iconic stubby bottles. The bottle will affect the taste in that it will not have any metallic tastes or aromas you might get from a can. The primary benefit of this option however is the novelty of the bottle size and shape. 

What kind of foods pair best with Coors Banquet

Burgers – A classic American meal to go with a classic American beer. Fried Chicken – This delicious meal is washed down with a refreshing beer. Pizza – You can’t go wrong with pizza and beer. Banquet is practically made for this combination.

Is Coors Banquet a good beer to drink?

This beer is great after a long, hot day or a hike in the Rocky Mountains. It is a good beer to unwind with and best of all it is fairly cheap. It is easy to drink and provides refreshing coolness.  

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