What Does Coors Light Taste Like? (Flavors and Tasting Notes)

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Coors Light is not as dry as many other light beers and leaves no lingering aftertaste. It has a subtle grain aroma and high carbonation.  

Tasting notes and flavors for Coors Light

This beer is slightly sweet with a hint of bitterness. Its taste is enhanced by the subtle aroma of grains as well as its refreshing carbonated mouthfeel. 

It is the crisp refreshing nature that promotes this beer from a simple lager to one of the best light beers out there. Coors Light is a great choice for bringing to the lake, on a hike, or camping trip.  

It leads with a slightly malty flavor with hints of mineral water. It isn’t as dry as other light beers with its slight sweetness contrasted by mild bitterness.  


Similar to its taste, this beer’s aroma is very unobtrusive. It smells mostly of grains and more subtly of corn.  


Coors Light is a beautiful pale yellow lager often described as clear straw in color. It is nearly completely transparent. 


Some drinkers claim that it is, in fact, nearly indistinguishable. The carbonation combined with the clean taste also brings a refreshing crispness that is easily enjoyed.  


Coors Light Style

Coors Light is classified as an American adjunct lager. It is brewed using lager yeast at lager temperatures. The adjunct label comes from the use of non-malt fermentables.  

How to drink Coors Light for the best flavor

The ideal temperature to drink Coors Light is around 40-44°F. This will enhance the crispness of the beer and make it even more refreshing on a hot day. 

Is Coors Light a good beer to drink?

Even though light beers get a lot of hate and are often looked down on, they’re still enjoyable. Coors Light, properly chilled and served in a glass, will still taste good. 

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