What Does Dos Equis Taste Like? (Flavors and Tasting Notes)

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Dos Equis Lager Especial tastes of quality malts with a hint of sweetness and corn. The aroma reflects this without becoming overpowering.  

Tasting notes and flavors for Dos Equis

This beer is highly refreshing from mouthfeel to taste. It is slightly sweet with notes of malt and corn. In a glass, it is a light gold liquid that foams up when poured.  

From first to the last sip, it is an enjoyable brew. It is perfect for a night out on the town or an afternoon at the beach. 

Without lime and salt, Dos Equis Special Lager tastes primarily of malt sweetness and corn. It has little to no bitterness and finishes clean.


Does Dos Equis taste like Corona? 

While both beers are Mexican lagers, Dos Equis tastes similar to, but not quite like Corona.  

This is heavily dependent on whether both beers are fresh. A fresh Dos Equis will taste similar to a fresh Corona. Unfortunately, Corona is usually bottled in clear glass. This greatly increases the chance of skunking. 


The first aroma you will notice is the corn. It is accompanied by the malty sweetness present in the taste. These aromas are fairly faint and not overpowering. 


Dos Equis pours clear and golden with a light white head that quickly dissipates. When drank, it generates little to no lacing. In the glass, there will be bubbles rising as it is moderately carbonated. 


The overall mouthfeel is of watery but crisp carbonation. It is a very light mouthfeel beer that focuses on being refreshing rather than a complex feeling that demands attention. 

What kind of foods pair best with Dos Equis

Burgers. A good hearty burger is well complimented by a refreshing light beer. Chips & Salsa. Pair the perfect appetizer with a great lager. Chorizo. The spice of this sausage will be quenched by the crispness of Dos Equis.

Is Dos Equis a good beer to drink?

Dos Equis is a great beer for plenty of situations. Enjoying a nice meal? Dos Equis. Enjoying the shade of an umbrella on the beach? Dos Equis. Spending time with friends around a fire? Dos Equis.  

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