What Does Sam Adams Taste Like? (Boston Lager Tasting Notes)

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Sam Adams Boston Lager is an amber-copper beer with a sweet and floral-spice flavor that slightly resembles a fresh-baked loaf of bread. 

The finishing taste has a hoppy bite to it, a feature provided by the two main strands of hops used. It retains a fuller, bolder, and smoother taste than traditional lagers and is not heavily carbonated. 

Tasting notes and flavors for Sam Adams Boston Lager

This particular craft beer pioneer boasts a rich and full taste that is both sweet and subtly spicy with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. 


The first taste to hit your mouth is a sweet combination of malt and honey. Although its finish is hoppy, it’s also semi sweet with a floral spice – something like a caramel taste.  


All of the contributing notes mean that Sam Adams smells like freshly baked bread with a floral spice and the taste confirms that. 


This lager has a caramel, copper-amber color on the pour. A medium sized, off-white head that well accentuates its full-looking body.  


There is a very soft bite of bitterness and hops in the middle but it’s hardly noticeable amidst the smoothness. 

How to drink Sam Adams Boston Lager for the best flavor

Different beers require different accommodations and Sam Adams Boston Lager is no different.  The ideal temperature for Boston Lager is around 55℉. 

Is Sam Adams Boston Lager good?

Sam Adams Boston Lager is a great beer. Its complex characteristics make it completely unique – and delicious.

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