Why Can’t Beer Commercials Show Drinking? (When & Why It Happened)

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No government regulations prevent advertisers from showing people drinking beer on television, although most producers avoid it. 

The traditional industry guidelines that recommend against showing alcohol consumption in commercials date back to the end of prohibition. 

Can you show people drinking beer in a commercial?

Beer commercials have a long history, stretching back all the way back to the adoption of television sets into American homes. Back then, drinking on air was seen as a major faux pas for a nation recently emerging from prohibition .

What does the FCC say about alcohol on TV?

The Federal Trade Commission goes into further detail, explaining that the First Amendment’s protections for free speech limit the government’s ability to regulate alcohol advertisement.  

Is it illegal to drink on live TV?

No laws are preventing private citizens from drinking on live TV. Still, just as with advertising, many television agencies show a lot of restraint when drinking on air because of their sensitivity to public perception. 

Can you show people drinking beer on television?

It is entirely legal to show people drinking beer on broadcast television. In fact, an estimated 53% of TV programming shows alcohol use.  

Can you show people drinking beer in movies?

Movie producers are well within their rights to portray actors consuming alcohol in film. In fact, alcohol use is even more common in theaters than on television. 

Do Advertising Regulations Work?

Multiple peer-reviewed articles published between 2005 and 2013 show that alcohol advertisements regularly breach voluntary restrictions developed by advertising agencies. 

How can Self-Regulation be Improved?

Though the government has no authority to regulate advertising due to first amendment protections, there are a few ways that lawmakers and marketing agencies could work together to help encourage more consistent self-regulation. 

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