Why Do People Put Salt in Beer? (The Good, The Bad, & More!)

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Salt can be added to beer to help reduce its bitterness, enhancing the other flavors and aromas. In addition to improving the flavor, salt can also help the foam head of a beer bloom. 

The salt can be good for you because it may help reduce “beer bloat” and cramping, but it may also dehydrate you more quickly and lead to faster alcohol absorption. 

Salt in beer – where did it start?

It’s believed that salting beer originated in Mexico, but there are reports of salt being added to beer in the United States back during Prohibition.  

Why does salt in beer taste better?

When mixed with some beers, salt enhances a beer’s flavor by neutralizing the bitter elements of the beer, allowing you to enjoy the beer. 

Is it good to put salt in beer?

If your body is sodium deficient, it may be beneficial to add some salt to your beer. But too much sodium can increase your risk for severe health issues. 

Does salt in your beer make you drunker?

Adding salt will not make you drunker, but it will cause your body to absorb the alcohol much quicker. This is due to how reacts to the body allowing it to get to your bloodstream much quicker.  

Is beer salt the same as regular salt?

Beer salt is a specialty salt that is coarse and has a much bolder taste, usually a citrus flavor. 

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