Why Does Beer Taste Better in a Glass? (Improving Aroma & Flavor)

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Whether you choose a pint, Pilsner, tulip, or another style of glass, serving your beer in a glass will enhance your experience of its aroma, flavor, and visual appeal as well help maintain its temperature. 

Beer flavor often improves in a glass when pouring from a can, bottle, or even draft system. 

Aroma and Taste

When you pour your beer from the can, bottle, or tap, the increased surface area of the glass allows for much stronger aromatics. 

Seeing Your Beer

Taking in color, clarity (or lack thereof), and the beer’s head will all tell you different things before you even put your mouth or nose to the glass. 


The temperature of the beer can fluctuate no matter the vessel. However, glass can be chilled and can mitigate heat transfer from your hand to the drink. 

Less Bloating

Tilting your glass and pouring it down the side is a good way to reduce foam and keep the head low. 

The Last Drop

The residual yeast doesn’t particularly taste good in the case of most beers. Pouring your beer into a glass makes for a controlled amount, allowing you to leave the last drop or so in the bottle. 

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