Why Does Beer Taste Better on Draft?

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But, does beer REALLY taste beer on draft?

There is just something magical and refreshing about a pour of draft beer at a bar or restaurant (or even at home!)

In fact, there are FIVE big reasons why draft better objectively tastes better than bottled or even canned beer.

Let's take a look at each of them!

One - Freshness

Draft beer kegs are often cycled through much faster than the bottles or cans sitting on store shelves for months at a time.

Two - Temperature

Restaurants and bars keep their kegs at a consistently low temperature both during transport and while storing or serving.

Three - Carbonation

Draft beer’s carbonation is often more controlled and fine-tuned  than bottle conditioning. Because brewers can input specific levels of  CO2 into the keg, they can ensure the beer is perfectly carbonated.

Four - Light Protection

Kegs are completely opaque, which prevents UV rays from touching  the beer and destroying its flavor. From the time it’s brewed to the  moment it’s poured into a pint glass, draft beer never sees the light of  day. 

For the last benefit and a LOT more information about draft beer, read the full article!