What Kind of Beer Are They Drinking on Yellowstone?

Yellowstone has quickly become a favorite series for millions of fans. If you find yourself craving a cold beer or a swig of bourbon straight from the bottle affter watching the show, you’re not alone. 

Coors Banquet, sometimes referred to as “yellow jackets” are found all over the show Yellowstone. Many characters, most notably the stern but loveable Rip Wheeler can be found kicking back a few of these golden cans. Other Coors products as well as prop whiskey is often pictured in the show.

Coors, and other beers from the MillerCoors family, certainly feature prominently. But so do familiar, yet somehow unrecognizable bottles of whiskey. What exactly are Rip, Beth, and John drinking? Read on to find out more about the beer and spirits that can be found in character hands all over this iconic show.

Which beer brand do they drink on Yellowstone?

Coors beer is all over Yellowstone. Cans and bottles are in the hands of characters, and signs hang in businesses around town. Even other beers from the MillerCoors portfolio can be seen advertised. 

This is most likely the result of a paid partnership between the show and MillerCoors, though this information is not publicly available. This type of product placement is a common and creative source of revenue for TV shows and movies.

Why is Coors beer called yellow jacket?

Coors Originals are sometimes called “yellow jackets” on Yellowstone. This nickname comes from the golden label on both cans and bottles of the beer. It’s also a reference to a type of North American wasp: the yellowjacket.

Other nicknames for Coors Original include “Coors Banquet” and “yellow bellies”. 

What kind of bourbon do they drink on Yellowstone?

Unlike the blatant branding of Coors all over Yellowstone, most of the bottles of bourbon and whiskey in the show are prop bottles. This is a common practice in TV and movies: propmasters create fake labels for products to avoid having to use a specific brand. 

What kind of alcohol do the characters in Yellowstone normally drink?

Rip Wheeler

No one on Yellowstone kicks back as many Coors Banquet beers as Rip Wheeler. A sixer of Coors also features prominently in one of he and Beth’s most iconic (and romantic) scenes in Season 3. 

John Dutton

John Dutton is a whiskey drinker and most of his bottles are actually papered with fake labels made by Yellowstone’s propmasters. However, eagle-eyed viewers can spot unmistakable bottles of Bulleit Bourbon in his office.

Beth Dutton

Much like her father, Beth Dutton likes her whiskey, and the bottles she drinks from often have the labels obscured. Their shape and label, however, look more like Southern Comfort—indicating she’s kicking back a more affordable whiskey-based liqueur. She’s also been spotted with bottles of Budweiser.

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