What Kind of Beer Do They Drink in Shameless (Frank and Others)

Lots of the scenes in Shameless revolve around beer, and the Midwestern drinking culture of Chicago, where the show takes place. If you’ve ever wondered what beer they’re drinking, you’re not alone.

Old Style is the beer they drink most often on Shameless. It’s a beloved beer in Chicago and around the Midwest and is similar to Pabst Blue Ribbon. Many bars in Chicago and Wisconsin are marked by a trademark Old Style sign hanging outside.

But what beers do they drink on the show besides Old Style? And what’s with Frank’s crazy homebrew? Read on to find out more about all the beers they drink on Shameless—both the real ones and the fictional ones.

Which beer brand do they drink on Shameless?

Frank Gallagher enjoys more than his fair share of beer, and he particularly loves Old Style. The beer and its accompanying signs can be found in countless scenes in Shameless, and is enjoyed by Frank and others. 

What is Frank’s Milk of the Gods?

Frank’s Milk of the Gods is Frank Gallagher’s homebrew from Season 5 of Shameless. In Episode 1 of the season, Frank is working on a secret project, which is revealed at the end of the episode to be the strongest beer known to man.

In addition to being super strong, it also incorporates two of Frank’s favorite flavors: smoke and bacon.

What is Old Style beer?

Old Style is a very popular beer in Chicago and throughout parts of the Midwest. Its iconic signs can be found hung outside bars around Illinois and Wisconsin. It’s even a sponsor of the Chicago Cubs.

Where can you buy Old Style beer?

Old Style is distributed nationally. They offer a convenient beer locator on their website so you can find the most convenient Old Style location for you.

What is Stelberg beer?

In Shameless UK, there’s obviously no Old Style available.

On this version of the show, Frank drinks a beer called Stelberg. Many viewers don’t even realize this is a fictional beer, as the name is a combination of Stella Artois and Carlsberg: two popular UK beers.

What is Heisler beer?

Much like Stelberg, Heisler is a fictional beer used in many TV shows and movies.

Heisler isn’t seen much on Shameless but a complete list of productions featuring Heisler can be found here.

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