Who is Randy Mosher? (Homebrewing Biography, Pro Resume, Influence)

Who is Randy Mosher, and what contributions has he made to the wide world of beer and homebrewing? If you brew beer, you likely know who this is, but if you don’t, stick around because there’s a lot to learn from this creative mastermind.

Randy Mosher is a homebrew pioneer and published author that revolutionized the way we think about beer and is a driving force behind beer ingenuity and new styles. He emphasizes creativity in and out of the brewing process. His background is in graphic design, and he carries out brand consulting work for big and small breweries across the country.

Continue reading for a deep dive into Randy Mosher’s beer and homebrewing background, as well as what he’s up to lately.

Who is Randy Mosher?

Randy Mosher is a prominent figure in homebrewing, beer and general food and restaurant spaces. He works on all things beer, including authoring books and brand consulting.

Mosher started homebrewing in the 1980s and has been ever since. He’s an author of five books, a contributor to craft beer websites and does brand consulting for breweries big and small. He’s a minority owner and partner of two Chicago restaurant breweries, 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and Forbidden Root. 

Mosher’s background is in graphic design, and most of his work nowadays consists of brand consulting and branding for all types of breweries. He is the “Head Alchemist” at Forbidden Root brewing in Chicago.

He still contributes industry news articles and recipes to online publications and makes podcast appearances further to bestow his beer and brewing knowledge upon multiple audiences.

What is he up to now?

Randy Mosher has contributed much to beer culture with creativity, knowledge and ingenuity, but why stop? His contributions are seemingly endless and it’s as if they’re not halting anytime soon.

He’s still extremely active in the community where he authors books, contributes to websites and magazines, provides consulting, and appears on various beer industry podcasts. Most of what he does now consists of brand consulting and brand work for his partner breweries.

Mosher is still heavily involved in beer and brewing. He’s a frequent contributor to Craft Beer & Brewing where he creates original recipes for all to see and use, including a recent “OG IPA” recipe.

He provides creative consulting for the marketing and packaging of beers for breweries of any size. He also assists in the overall beer development process where he helps guide the decision-making behind brewing a beer and how it’s done and is a teacher at the Siebel Institute of Technology.

Homebrewing Background

Randy Mosher, like most homebrewers, dove into the craft head first and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Mosher started homebrewing in the mid-1980s when he picked up a homebrewing kit with his friend Ray Spangler. The two first brewed some “awful” batches of beer where Mosher said the dried yeast that he and Spangler used “looked like Turkish taffy” because it was so old.

Mosher is quoted in multiple interviews saying that he started homebrewing with minimal information and eventually went on to learn a lot through books from the Cincinnati library. He started brewing with dry yeast and extract but switched to all-grain after his first few scuffed batches.

Mosher does not have a favorite beer to drink or brew, but has invested most of his brewing education for a particular style into witbiers, and is especially fond of the style’s balance.

Professional Brewing Experience

Randy Mosher is known for having a deep understanding of beer and it’s smells, tastes, mouthfeel and all things in between. He harmonizes his knowledge with his creativity and passion for brand design, helping lead breweries to a higher level.

Throughout the years, Mosher has amassed awards and creative works that are used by many. Since he started homebrewing in the ‘80s, Mosher has:

  • Written five books
  • Become an equity partner in two Chicago breweries
  • Won awards at the GABF and World Beer Cup
  • Appeared on various podcasts regarding all things beer
  • Published several articles online relating to craft beer and brewing.

Brewery Collaborations

Randy Mosher has taken his talents into collaboration with a couple of different Chicago breweries and restaurants.

Mosher is a partner of 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and an equity partner of Forbidden Root in Chicago. 5 Rabbit is a Latin American-inspired brewery where Mosher oversees some of the production. Mosher is a brewer at Forbidden Root, where he helps guide the creative and production processes.

Awards and accolades

Mosher is a man of accolades, having accumulated quite a few. 

Mosher has accumulated an impressive six Great American Beer Fest medals and four World Beer Cup medals. Mosher enters competitions to this day.

Mosher has come a long way from his first brew kit and old yeast to numerous published works and gifts of knowledge for new and existing brewers.

Published Works and Media

Randy Mosher has authored quite a few widely recognized books and still contributes to online mediums, including a blog on his website. Additionally, he appears in several podcasts with industry professionals and takes part in interviews with various outlets.


Randy Mosher has authored five renowned books that cover several different intersections of the beer industry from tasting beer to mastering homebrewing techniques. Here are the five books he wrote:

Online Publications and Articles

In addition to books, Mosher writes articles online for his website and others that go into greater detail on the world of beer. These include anything from recipes to how we perceive beer. Here are some articles that Mosher has written over the years: