Why Do IPAs Make Me Angry? (Separating Mood Swing Myth & Fact)

We all know of or have heard of someone who’s an angry drunk. Whether they get violent or not, it raises the question of why? Is alcohol to blame? What about IPAs specifically?

IPAs can’t make you feel angry because your beverage of choice doesn’t control your emotions. However, the alcohol – which may be higher than you’re used to – can lower your inhibitions which can lead to anger. It is also possible that you have internalized an association between anger and IPAs due to a myriad of personal or cultural reasons.

Myth and fact can be tricky to recognize with so many anecdotes that point one way or another on this subject. Keep reading to get to the bottom of the science of alcohol-related anger.

Can certain types of alcohol make you angry?

Beyond just making someone angry, many drinkers associate this shift with specific types of alcohol. You may have heard a friend say they don’t drink Irish whiskey because it makes them want to fight.

Alcohol on its own can’t make you angry. The type of alcohol only matters when the individual expects to become angry when drinking a specific type. Alcohol can cause you to become more prone to anger based on your situation, however.

That is the core of alcohol-related anger. The heart of this myth is social and personal expectations. One 2017 study determined that hard liquor is more often associated with aggression than other types of alcohol. 

Though this may be a result of the different ingredients of each type, it is unclear. It is likely that these associations are internalized. Any shift in mood after drinking, in this case, is due to the individual’s belief on what may happen.

The other half of this supposed causation is how alcohol affects the mind and body generally. The tunnel vision that alcohol brings about can make slights, perceived or objective, appear much bigger.

This narrowed perspective, or myopia, can exacerbate situations. A conflict that would have been resolved peacefully and without strong emotion when sober might become a full-blown argument or even a fight when drunk.

Lastly, it is also possible that the individual would normally react with anger but does not because of their inhibitions. While the phrase “drunk words are sober thoughts” is not always true, there is some grain of truth. Lowered inhibitions can lead to angry words and regrets.

Do IPAs make you angry?

So then, what about IPAs specifically? After all, an IPA is pretty different than Irish whisky. Not to worry, IPAs don’t have any greater chance of making you angry.

Since IPAs are still alcoholic beverages, they can make you angry in the same way any alcoholic beverage does. That is, they can’t directly make you angry, but they can increase the chance that you will get angry at something.

IPAs may have a few negative side effects due to their unique ingredient lists, but they aren’t the root of all anger. 

5 possible reasons why you get mad while drinking IPA

That said, an IPA could make you pretty angry for other reasons.

You might get angry when drinking an IPA because:

  • You’re allergic to beer
  • IPAs are too damn expensive
  • You are what you drink
  • IPAs are your ex’s favorite
  • Brewer’s jealousy

Let’s look at each of these and see why they might contribute to your IPA-inspired ire.

You’re allergic to beer

As awful as this sounds it is possible!

IPAs do have high concentrations of hops and can have odd adjunct ingredients. Then there’s all the gluten to consider. If you are allergic to some of these ingredients, you may experience an unpleasant reaction that makes you angry.

Not to mention, if you didn’t know about this allergy or intolerance, you might be angry you have to give up beer. Now that would be a cryin’ shame.

IPAs are too damn expensive

The night out on the town is going great. You and your friends are having a good time chatting about the latest new TV show. Then when you order the next round, you happen to spy the price of that IPA you like.

A whole $5 more than the other beers on the list! The price of IPAs is enough to get anyone mad.

Let’s face it, though – it’s still probably better than drinking the mass-market lager they’ve got on tap.

You are what you drink

Maybe the price doesn’t bother you, or it’s not that bad. No matter the case, as the old adage says, “you are what you eat” or, in this case, drink.

After years of drinking nothing but IPAs, the bitterness of the brew has settled in your heart. At this point, nothing will make you happy. The world (and beer) has turned you to anger.

Maybe order a NEIPA next time?

IPAs are your ex’s favorite

Alternatively, if your good-for-nothing, cheating ex loves IPAs, just the sight of one might turn you to anger.

Every IPA you see reminds you of your old flame. 

I don’t recommend drinking until you can’t remember why you’re angry, so maybe choose a different brew until you can see an IPA without seeing red.

Brewer’s jealousy

Lastly, it could be that somehow, Don’s IPA he brought to the party is better than yours.

Each time someone sets aside your brew in favor of his, something in you grows tenser. By the end of the night, you have smoke coming out of your ears.