Organic Beer: How To Find the Good Stuff!

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Thick Brush Stroke

Organic beers are beers that contain organic-certified ingredients and follow organic-approved processes. The term is regulated by agencies like the USDA, and once a beer is certified organic, its label will typically indicate so. 

The organic logo doesn’t necessarily indicate the beer will taste better or be healthier than any other style of beer. 

What is organic beer?

Organic beer is beer that has been certified organic by a governing body such as the USDA. The USDA and other certifying agencies have a strict set of standards that brewers must meet to earn and maintain their organic certification.  

Organic beer vs regular beer

Just because a beer is certified organic, doesn’t mean it’s automatically a great beer. On the flip side, not all conventional beer is subpar compared to organic beer. There are excellent organic beers and amazing conventional beers too! 

Is organic beer healthier?

Organic beers aren’t made with as many processed ingredients, so theoretically, they may be processed more easily by your digestive system. 

What is the healthiest organic beer?

Beer isn’t necessarily a healthy drink, but just like with conventional beers, there are organic light beers that are lower in calories and carbohydrates than some of their counterparts.  

Does organic beer make a difference?

Because of the lack of processed ingredients, organic beers can sometimes taste “cleaner” than certain conventional counterparts. For example, an organic pumpkin beer would need to be made with real organic pumpkin, whereas a conventional pumpkin beer may have some artificial pumpkin flavor ingredients.  

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