TLC Tank & Line Cleaner – 1 lb.



This non-caustic cleaning powder will make quick work of any stubborn soil build-up on your brewing equipment. TLC will help you brew your best beer possible by keeping your home brewery in tip-top condition. TLC is an efficacy proven alternative to caustic cleaners.

Why You’ll Love TLC:

  • Versatile – TLC is a versatile cleaner and allows for both soak and low foam circulation cleaning. This product works at all temperatures.
  • Effective – TLC is effective at removing the toughest caked on debris without scrubbing. It is non-corrosive and safe to use on soft metals.
  • Safe – This product is safe on skin, and has no noxious fumes, while maintaining the effectiveness of heavy-duty caustic cleaners.
  • Economical – TLC is an easy to use and economical choice for tank and line cleaning.

Product Highlights:

  • Non-caustic formula
  • Great for circulation cleaning or parts soaking
  • Effective at removing organic soils such as fats, greases, proteins, and yeast
  • Effective at a wide temperature range
  • Safe on soft metals
  • Economical dilution
  • Non-corrosive with the performance of a caustic cleaner
  • Convenient pack sizes
  • Oxygen booster for alkaline cleaning solutions
  • Skin contact safe
  • Gentle on rubber seals and gaskets


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