How Much Alcohol is in Beer? (ABV List By Brand, Brewery, and Style)

A standard 12-ounce beer drink contains about 5% alcohol (ABV) or .6 ounces of pure ethanol. Light beers range from 1.2-5% ABV, medium beers range from 5-8% ABV, strong beers range from 8-15% ABV, and some specialty beers go above 15% ABV.

In the rest of the article, I will include a list of the alcohol content in popular beers as well as the typical ABV range of each beer style. To complete the data, I’ll also include the number of carbohydrates and calories in each beer.

List of alcohol content (ABV) in popular beer brands

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy putting together this massive list of beer alcohol content below but it has gotten quite lengthy (be sure to use the search feature on the table!).

So, here is the ABV (alcohol content) of the most frequently searched beers:

  • Bud Light’s alcohol content is 4.2%
  • Coors Light’s alcohol content is 4.2%
  • Miller Lite’s alcohol content is 4.2%
  • Michelob Ultra’s alcohol content is 4.2%
  • Guinness’ alcohol content is 4.2%
  • Modelo Especial’s alcohol content is 4.4%
  • Yuengling’s alcohol content is 4.4%
  • Corona Extra’s alcohol content is 4.6%
  • Budweiser’s alcohol content is 5%
  • Heineken’s alcohol content is 5%
  • Blue Moon’s alcohol content is 5.4%

Now, here is my complete list of beers including the brewery, ABV, carbs, and calories. New entries are added frequently – feel free to let me know if I’ve missed something!

Beer Name or BrandBreweryAlcohol Percent (ABV)Calories (per 12oz)Carbs (grams per 12oz)
Budweiser SelectAnheuser-Busch4.30%993.1
Budweiser SupremeAnheuser-Busch4.60%14312
Budweiser Select 55Anheuser-Busch2.40%552
Budweiser ZeroAnheuser-Busch0.00%5011.5
Budweiser CheladaAnheuser-Busch4.20%15115.6
Bud LightAnheuser-Busch4.20%1106.6
Bud Light PeelsAnheuser-Busch4.20%14916
Bud Light CheladaAnheuser-Busch4.20%15115.6
Bud Light PlatinumAnheuser-Busch6.00%1395.1
Bud Light NextAnheuser-Busch4.00%800
Bud Light Seltzer ClassicAnheuser-Busch5.00%1002
Bud Light Seltzer PlatinumAnheuser-Busch8.00%1703
Bud Light Seltzer Hard SodaAnheuser-Busch5.00%1002
Bud Light Seltzer Retro TiedyeAnheuser-Busch5.00%1002
Bud Light Seltzer Cocktail HourAnheuser-Busch5.00%1002
Michelob UltraAnheuser-Busch4.20%952.6
Michelob Ultra Pure GoldAnheuser-Busch3.80%852.5
Michelob Ultra Amber MaxAnheuser-Busch4.00%994.8
Michelob Ultra InfusionsAnheuser-Busch4.00%954.8
Michelob Ultra SeltzersAnheuser-Busch4.00%900
Stella ArtoisAnheuser-Busch5.00%14110.9
Stella Artois Solstice LagerAnheuser-Busch4.50%1054.5
Stella Artois CidreAnheuser-Busch4.50%18022
Stella Artois Midnight LagerAnheuser-Busch5.40%17918
Stella Artois LiberteAnheuser-Busch0.00%5913
Patagonia CervezaAnheuser-Busch5.40%16112
Estrella JaliscoAnheuser-Busch4.50%13713
Estrella Jalisco CheladaAnheuser-Busch3.50%14022
Busch LightAnheuser-Busch4.10%953.2
Busch IceAnheuser-Busch5.90%1364.2
Busch NAAnheuser-Busch0.40%6012.9
Busch Light AppleAnheuser-Busch4.10%13911
Natural LightAnheuser-Busch4.20%953.2
Natural Light NaturdaysAnheuser-Busch4.20%13312
Natural Light SeltzerAnheuser-Busch6.00%1334
Natural IceAnheuser-Busch5.90%1354.2
Natty DaddyAnheuser-Busch8.00%1835
Landshark LagerAnheuser-Busch4.60%15013.4
Hoegaarden WhiteAnheuser-Busch4.90%14711.9
Hoegaarden RoseeAnheuser-Busch3.00%90
Hoegaarden CherryAnheuser-Busch5.60%20521.5
Coors BanquetMolson Coors4.60%14912.2
Coors EdgeMolson Coors0.50%418
Coors LightMolson Coors4.20%1025
Coors Pure OrganicMolson Coors3.80%923.5
Coors SeltzerMolson Coors4.50%900
Coors Extra Gold LagerMolson Coors5.00%15212.5
Foster's LagerMolson Coors5.00%14511.2
Foster's Premium AleMolson Coors5.50%16012.5
Killian's Irish RedMolson Coors5.00%16214.8
Mickey'sMolson Coors5.60%15711.2
Leinenkugel's Summer ShandyMolson Coors4.20%13012
Leinenkugel's OktoberfestMolson Coors5.10%17017.8
Leinenkugel's Honey WeissMolson Coors4.90%14912
Molson Canadian Pale LagerMolson Coors5.00%13611.1
Molson Canadian Light Pale LagerMolson Coors3.90%1139.9
Icehouse Original LagerMolson Coors5.50%1499.8
Icehouse LagerMolson Coors5.00%1328.7
Icehouse Light LagerMolson Coors5.00%1236.6
MagnumMolson Coors5.60%15711.2
Miller Genuine DraftMolson Coors4.60%14012.2
Miller High LifeMolson Coors4.60%14112.2
Miller LiteMolson Coors4.20%963.2
Miller 64Molson Coors2.80%642.4
Milwaukee's BestMolson Coors4.30%12811.4
Milwaukee's Best LightMolson Coors4.20%983.5
Milwaukee's Best IceMolson Coors5.90%1447.3
Olde English 800Molson Coors5.90%16010.5
Steel Reserve 211Molson Coors8.10%22216
Pilsner UrquellMolson Coors4.40%15616
Redd's Apple AleMolson Coors5.00%16517.1
Sol CervezaMolson Coors4.00%12310.8
Blue MoonMolson Coors5.40%17014
Blue Moon LightSkyMolson Coors4.00%953.6
Blue Moon Moon HazeMolson Coors5.70%18015
Blue Moon Mango WheatMolson Coors6.40%17515.7
Yuengling Traditional LagerYuengling4.50%14112
Yuengling Light LagerYuengling4.00%993.2
Black & TanYuengling4.60%15315
Golden PilsnerYuengling4.70%1369.3
Raging EagleYuengling6.00%17212.5
Dark Brewed PorterYuengling4.70%16315
Lord Chesterfield AleYuengling5.40%15710.5
Hershey's Chocolate PorterYuengling4.70%18514
Premium LightYuengling3.50%986.8
Samuel Adams Boston LagerBoston Beer Company5.00%17518
Samuel Adams Wicked HazyBoston Beer Company6.80%21018
Samuel Adams Wicked EasyBoston Beer Company4.70%1267.4
Samuel Adams Just The HazeBoston Beer Company0.50%9822
Samuel Adams Porch RockerBoston Beer Company4.50%14019
Samuel Adams Wicked DoubleBoston Beer Company8.30%21420
Samuel Adams OctoberfestBoston Beer Company5.30%19019
Samuel Adams Jack-OBoston Beer Company4.40%15015
Samuel Adams Cold SnapBoston Beer Company5.30%18712
Samuel Adams Alpine LagerBoston Beer Company5.50%18610
Samuel Adams Holiday White AleBoston Beer Company5.80%19018
Samuel Adams Winter LagerBoston Beer Company5.60%20019
Samuel Adams Cherry WheatBoston Beer Company5.30%16517
Samuel Adams UtopiaBoston Beer CompanyVaries (About 28%)74057
Samuel Adams Summer AleBoston Beer Company5.30%17015
Sam '76Boston Beer Company4.70%1309
Sierra Nevada Pale AleSierra Nevada Brewing Co.5.60%17514.6
Sierra Nevada TorpedoSierra Nevada Brewing Co.7.20%23618.6
Sierra Nevada Dankful IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.7.40%22019
Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.6.00%20618
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.6.70%21420.6
Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.5.50%18016
Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.9.00%25415
Sierra Nevada Sunny Little Thing Citrus Wheat AleSierra Nevada Brewing Co.5.00%17016.5
Sierra Nevada Powder Day IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.7.70%23819
Sierra Nevada Summer Break Session Hazy IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.4.60%14310.5
Sierra Nevada OktoberfestSierra Nevada Brewing Co.5.50%19017.2
Sierra Nevada Celebration IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.6.60%21419.4
Sierra Nevada StoutSierra Nevada Brewing Co.6.40%22522.3
Sierra Nevada PorterSierra Nevada Brewing Co.5.60%18316.5
Apocalypse IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.80%20413
Nature Calls Mountain IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.50%
Profuse Juice Hazy IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.50%19525
Rock Hop Cold IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.10%
All Ways Down Double IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.00%
Club Tread Mandarin IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.00%
10 Barrel Brewing Co. Pilsner10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.00%
Pub Beer Lager10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.00%150
Crush Guava Sour10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.30%15013
Crush Cucumber Sour10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.00%12021
Crush Raspberry Sour10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.50%19513
Cloud Mentality Hazy IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.00%

List of alcohol content (ABV) by beer style

Many beer drinkers might not realize that each beer style has a traditional range of alcohol content which can start all the way down at 1.2% ABV and go up to around 15% ABV.

Keep in mind that alcohol content is rarely the primary factor when brewing beer, but rather it is a byproduct of the ingredients used including malts and other fermentables as well as the yeast involved during fermentation.

Let’s take a look at the most popular styles of beer around the world and how much alcohol you should expect to see. Feel free to search by style or traditional ABV range.

Beer styleTraditional ABV range
American-Style Lager4.1-5.1%
American-Style Light Lager3.5-4.4%
American-Style Pilsener4.9-6%
American-Style India Pale Lager5.6-7%
American-Style Malt Liquor6.3-7.6%
American-Style Amber Lager4.8-5.4%
American-Style Maerzen/Oktoberfest5.1-6%
American-Style Dark Lager4.1-5.6%
American-Style Brown Ale4.2-6.3%
American-Style Black Ale6.3-7.6%
American-Style Stout5.7-8%
American-Style Imperial Porter7-12%
American-Style Imperial Stout7-12%
American-Style Amber/Red Ale4.4-6.1%
American-Style Pale Ale4.4-5.4%
Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale4.4-5.4%
American-Style Strong Pale Ale5.6-7%
Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale5.6-7%
American-Style India Pale Ale6.3-7.5%
Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale6.3-7.5%
American-Belgo-Style AleVaries
Double Hoppy Red Ale6.1-7.9%
Imperial Red Ale8-10.6%
American-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale7.6-10.6%
Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale7.6-10.6%
American-Style Barley Wine Ale8.5-12.2%
American-Style Wheat Wine Ale8.2-12.2%
American-Style Sour AleVaries
American-Style Fruited Sour AleVaries
English Ordinary Bitter3-4.2%
English Special or Best Bitter4.2-4.8%
English Extra Special Bitter4.8-5.8%
English-Style Summer Ale3.7-5.1%
English-Style Pale Mild Ale3.4-4.4%
English-Style Dark Mild Ale3.4-4.4%
English-Style Brown Ale4.2-6%
Classic English-Style Pale Ale4.4-5.3%
British-Style India Pale Ale4.5-7.1%
Scottish-Style Light Ale2.8-3.5%
Scottish-Style Heavy Ale3.5-4.1%
Scottish-Style Export4.1-5.3%
Strong Ale7-11.3%
Old Ale6.3-9.1%
Brown Porter4.4-6%
Robust Porter5.1-6.6%
Sweet Stout or Cream Stout3.2-6.3%
Oatmeal Stout3.8-6.1%
Scotch Ale or Wee Heavy6.6-8.5%
British-Style Imperial Stout7-12%
British-Style Barleywine8.5-12.2%
Irish-Style Red Ale4-4.8%
Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout4.1-5.3%
Export-Style Stout5.6-8%
Golden or Blonde Ale4.1-5.1%
Session India Pale Ale.5-5%
Smoke Porter5.1-8.9%
German-Style Koelsch4.8-5.3%
German-Style Altbier4.6-5.6%
Berliner-Style Weisse2.8-5%
Leipzig-Style Gose4.4-5.4%
Contemporary-Style Gose4.4-5.4%
South German-Style Hefeweizen4.9-5.6%
South German-Style Kristal Weizen4.9-5.6%
German-Style Leichtes Weizen2.5-3.5%
South German-Style Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen4.5-5.4%
South German-Style Dunkel Weizen4.8-5.4%
South German-Style Weizenbock7-9.5%
German-Style Rye Ale4.9-5.6%
Bamberg-Style Weiss Rauchbier4.9-5.6%
Belgian-Style Table Beer.5-2%
Belgian-Style Session Ale2.1-5%
Belgian-Style Speciale Belge5.1-6.3%
Belgian-Style Blonde Ale6.3-7.9%
Belgian-Style Strong Blonde Ale7.1-11.2%
Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale7.1-11.2%
Belgian-Style Dubbel6.3-7.6%
Belgian-Style Tripel7.1-10.1%
Belgian-Style Quadrupel10-14.2%
Belgian-Style Witbier4.8-5.6%
Classic French & Belgian-Style Saison5-6.8%
Specialty Saison5-9.3%
Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale4.8-6.6%
Belgian-Style Lambic5-7.6%
Traditional Belgian-Style Gueuze5-8%
Contemporary Belgian-Style Spontaneous Fermented Ale5-8.9%
Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic5-8.9%
German-Style Leichtbier2.5-3.7%
German-Style Pilsener4.6-5.3%
Bohemian-Style Pilsener4.1-5.1%
Munich-Style Helles4.8-5.6%
Dortmunder/European-Style Export5.1-6.1%
Vienna-Style Lager4.8-5.4%
Franconian-Style Rotbier4.8-5.6%
German-Style Maerzen5.1-6%
German-Style Oktoberfest/Wiesn5.1-6.1%
Munich-Style Dunkel4.8-5.3%
European-Style Dark Lager4.8-5.3%
German-Style Schwarzbier3.8-4.9%
Bamberg-Style Helles Rauchbier4.8-5.6%
Bamberg-Style Maerzen Rauchbier5.1-6%
Bamberg-Style Bock Rauchbier6.3-7.6%
German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock6.3-8.1%
Traditional German-Style Bock6.3-7.6%
German-Style Doppelbock6.6-7.9%
German-Style Eisbock8.6-14.3%

What is considered a standard drink?

Alcohol is a highly regulated substance in the United States and, as such, there must be a standardized way to measure the alcohol content in various drinks such as beer, wine, and liquor so that we can compare them.

A standard drink is any drink that includes .6 fluid ounces of pure ethanol which is typically represented by 12 ounces of beer (at 5% ABV), 5 ounces of wine (at 12% ABV), 2-3 ounces of a cordial or liqueur (at 24% ABV), and 1.5 ounces of brandy, cognac, and other distilled spirits (at 40% ABV).

Of course, not every beer, wine, or liquor will fit into this standard measurement but it is a close approximation.

Standard beer drink

A standard beer drink is 12 ounces of regular beer measured at 5% ABV.

Standard wine drink

A standard wine drink is 5 ounces of wine measured at 12% ABV.

Standard liquor drink

A standard liquor drink is 1.5 ounces of spirit measured at 40% ABV.

The five categories of beer based on alcohol content

There is no official governing body of beer categories and specifications but the Brewer’s Association gets pretty close with its annual beer style guidelines report which is crafted by beer judges, brewers, writers, and enthusiasts from around the world.

In this report, you can find information on the dozens of official styles listed that includes color, clarity, flavors, aromas, bitterness, body, ABV range, and other special characteristics.

While these aren’t official categories, I like to break beer down into 5 groups based on their alcohol content.

Non-alcoholic (0-1.2% ABV)

Yes, non-alcoholic beer is still beer. In fact, most non-alcoholic beer does still contain a bit of alcohol and it is often made with nearly the exact same process as regular beer, just with a lower ABV.

In this category, you will see beers such as O’doul’s, Heineken 0.0, and several selections from Athletic Brewing Company

Light (1.2-5% ABV)

The light beer category is probably what most people think of when they think of beer. Beers in this category are typically light in almost everything – alcohol, ingredients, flavor, and aroma. With that said, there are lots of neat beers to try in this category once you get away from the American Light Lagers.

Common light beers are Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Coors light but also includes ‘session’ versions of popular craft beer styles such as Samuel Adam’s Just the Haze, Bell’s Light Hearted Ale, and Founder’s All Day IPA.

Medium (5-8% ABV)

Once you move into the medium beer category, you will start to find more full-flavored and full-bodied beers. The reason is two-fold, higher ABV beers need more flavor to balance the warmth of the alcohol and you have to use more malt in the brewing process to create that alcohol in the first place.

Common medium beer styles are pale ales, IPAs, Dark Lagers, Brown Ales, Sours, and many more.

Strong (8-15% ABV)

Once you move into the strong beer category, you will find some less mainstream styles as well as ‘Imperial’ versions of popular medium beers.

Strong beers include Imperial IPAs, Imperial Stouts, Strong ales, Wee Heavies, Barleywines, and others.

Ultra-strong (More than 15% ABV)

It is actually pretty hard to make a beer above 15% but it can be done. The reason it is difficult is that beer yeast can’t really survive past 15% alcohol and will start to give up and the fermentation will stall.

To achieve the higher ABV counts, brewers have to use special techniques such as freezing or straight up adding distilled alcohol to a traditionally brewed beer.

What is a high-gravity beer?

High-gravity beer is more of a brewer’s term because it refers to a beer with an original gravity above 1.075. Beers with higher gravity will typically end at a higher ABV than the average beer, around 10% ABV.

How do you determine alcohol content (ABV) in beer?

Most beer available for purchase will list the ABV somewhere on the can or bottle and it would be impossible to calculate the ABV unless you knew exactly how much ethanol is in the container along with the total volume.

With that information, you can calculate the ABV of beer by taking the amount of alcohol in fluid ounces or mL and dividing it by the total volume.

So, a 12-ounce beer with .72 ounces of alcohol would work out to be 6% ABV.