The Average Cost of a 5-Gallon Batch of Homebrew Beer (Recipe & Equip)

Once you start researching homebrewing, one of the first questions is likely to be what your new hobby is likely to cost. Although some costs overlap, such as basic equipment, others can vary depending on your preferred brewing style. In this blog, we’ll dive into potential costs by extract, partial mash, and all-grain brewing.

Depending on the style of brewing your choose, you should expect to spend an average of $40 per five gallons of beer for an extract kit. Beer brewing starter kits can start at $100, but you may also need to factor in the cost of the ingredients. Additional equipment for all-grain brewing can be an additional $170-215, plus $30+ per brewing kit.

Keep reading for a complete breakdown of the costs of homebrewing, including the likely costs of starter kits, equipment, and ingredients by style.

How much does it cost to make 5 gallons of beer?

The type of beer you are planning to brew and the method you’re using will determine the outlay per cost of 5 gallons of beer (the typical return for one batch).

Starting kits range from about $100 to $350, including ingredients for a beer.

Extract kits can range from $20 to $80, averaging about $40 per five gallons. The equipment needed for partial mash generally adds $10 to $50, depending on what your starting equipment contains.

Once you transition to all-grain brewing, you could spend an additional $170 to $215 on equipment. The average kit costs between $30 and $40 per five gallons. Buying your own ingredients can drive the cost down to $15 to $25. 

By using malt extract, you can save in your brewing time but pay somewhat more for ingredients. Extract kits tend to be more expensive than all-grain kits. Sourcing your own ingredients in bulk further decreases the total cost of ingredients. However, as you progress towards all-grain brewing, there are additional costs in time and equipment. 

StyleIngredients (per Gallon)Equipment/Kit
Partial Mash$9-13$10-50
Approximate costs of ingredients and equipment for extract, partial mash, and all-grain batches of homebrew

Please note that the prices in this blog are based on the current market rate. In addition, it is, of course, possible to find ingredients, kits, and equipment at other costs. I made an effort to include a range of prices to accommodate different budgets. 

How much does it cost to brew 5 gallons of homebrew with extract?

Extract brewing is a friendly and relatively easy way to start brewing at home. That does not mean that the resulting beer is “cheaper” – that depends on the quality of your ingredients. It is, however, a great option for beginning brewers. Many begin with extract before progressing to all-grain brewing, as the process is easier and quicker. With extract brewing, you use malt extract, a condensed type of liquid wort

The average costs when brewing with extract are $100 to $350 for the equipment, plus $30 to $40 for an extract kit.  

For those just starting, it makes sense to purchase an equipment kit. If you have the time, you can research and purchase each item separately.

Kits range from about $100 to $350, some of which include ingredients for a brew. A more expensive kit does not necessarily mean a better one.  When you are just starting, stick with the basics.  You can add more equipment separately as you progress.

When buying the extract recipe and equipment

If you already have the equipment ready, skip to the next section. 

The malt extract is available in liquid (LME) or dry (DME) forms in extract brewing. Like malt, the extract is likewise categorized by the type of beer, like pale or dark ales.

Here is a basic list of equipment needed to brew five gallons of extract beer:

Just the equipment (to accommodate five gallons):

NameVendorCostEquipment Included
Gold Complete Beer Equipment KitHome Brew Ohio$95.89– 7.8-gallon fermenting bucket
– Drilled lid
– Grommet
– Racking kit
– 5-gallon glass carboy
– Fermentation thermometer
– Small drilled stopper
– Hydrometer
– Bottling spigot
– 3-piece airlock
– Bottle brush
– 8 pack of C-Brite sanitizer
Premium Equipment KitABC Cork Co.$100.00– 6-gallon bucket
– 6-gallon fermenter
– Airlocks
– 24” racking tube
– Rubber stoppers
– Hydrometer testing jar
– Triple scale
– Hydrometer

Equipment plus a brew (to accommodate five gallons):

NameVendorCostBrewIncluded Equipment
HomeBrewing Starter SetNorthern Brewer$89.99Block Party Amber– 6.5-gallon fermenter
– Spigot
– Kid,
– Airlock
– Bottling kit
– Bottle filler
– 21” stainless spoon
– 5′ siphoning tube
– Sanitizer
– Bottle brush
– Bottle capper with 60 caps
HomeBrewing Starter Set with Testing EquipmentNorthern Brewer$109.99Chinook IPA or Hank’s Hefeweizen– Triple scale hydrometer
– Testing jar
– Thermometer
– 6.5-gallon fermenter with spigot
– Airlock
– Bottling kit
– 5-gallon stainless brewing kettle
– 21” stainless spoon
– 5′ siphoning tube
– Sanitizer
– Bottle brush
– Bottle capper with 60 caps
Deluxe Homebrew Starter KitNorthern Brewer$229.99One of: 
Fresh Squished IPA, Bavarian Hefeweizen, Caribou Slobber Brown Ale or Irish Red Ale
– 6-gallon glass carboy
– 5-gallon glass carboy
– 2 bungs
– 2 airlocks
– Blowoff hose
– Funnel
– 2 adhesive thermometers
– Syphon with tubing
– Bottling kit
Bottle capper with caps
– Carboy brush
– Bottle cleaning brush
– Sanitizer
– Carboy dryer 
Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Northern Brewer$349.99Fresh Squished IPA or Caribou Slobber – 6.5-gallon plastic fermenter
– Bung
– Airlock
– Transfer tubing
– Immersion wort chiller
– Faucet adapter
– 8-gallon pot
– Ball valve
– 21” stainless spoon
– Bottling kit
– Sanitizer
– Bottle capper with caps
– Thermometer
– Triple scale hydrometer
– Testing jar

When buying just the extract recipe

Once you have the necessary equipment, let’s focus on extract ingredient kits. Here, I’ll provide several options across the spectrum. (These do not include equipment!)  

Extract kits can range from $20 to $80 per five gallons, depending on the type of beer. The average falls between $30 and $40.

Here is a selection of extract beer kits, complete with ingredients and instructions. If you are a fan of Indian Pale Ales, have a look at this variety:

NameTypeVendorGallonsTotal CostCost per Gallon
Conundrum Session Indian Pale AleNorthern Brewer5$41.99$8.40
Kama Citra SessionIndian Pale AleNorthern Brewer5$46.99$9.40
Dead RingerIndian Pale AleNorthern Brewer5$49.99$10
Houblonmonstre Belgian TripelBelgian / Indian Pale AleNorthern Brewer5$59.99$12
Hazy Eights Double NEIndian Pale AleNorthern Brewer5$75.99$15.20

Other ales to consider:

NameTypeVendorGallonsTotal CostCost per Gallon
AmberAleABC Cork Co.6$30.00$5
Irish RedAleABC Cork Co.6$30.00$5

How about a crisp, refreshing lager?

NameTypeVendorGallonsTotal CostCost per Gallon
BlondeLagerABC Cork Co.6$20.00$3.33
DraughtLagerABC Cork Co.6$30.00$5

The breakdown:

~11-12 pounds of grain~$7
~2-3 ounces of hops (non-IPA)~$1.50
One packet of yeast$2.50
50 caps$1
Approximate cost of homebrew beer ingredients per batch when buying in bulk

This amounts to ~$15 for five gallons of beer. Other users claimed an average of $20 to $30 per five gallons when buying ingredients separately.